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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  March 20, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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the search resumes tomorrow for to object spotted by satellite in the south indian ocean. the latest development of a search for a missing malaysian airline there. we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country.who are watching us around the country. >> this information is coming from australian officials. the australian prime minister was the first to announce it. officials say it is probably the best lead that they have right now. they will not know how strong of a lead is until they're able to examine the debris. >> australian officials on satellite images taken sunday spotted too large objects floating in
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the indian ocean. more than 1,400 mi. off of the southwestern coast. the biggest pieces estimated to be 79 ft. long. >> there is debris out there. on this particular occasion the size and the fact that there are no boats located in the same area really makes it worth looking at. i do not want to speculate. 1 >> poor weather has prevented planes and ships from finding anything. the images are the best clues to get in the search for the missing plane that took off from the capital. 239 passengers or crew aboard. family members are keeping and i am the latest development.keeping an eye on the latest developments
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>> if this debris is indeed part of that plane and then it-is that wishful thinking. oceanographer who helped locate the air france jet tells us that if this does turn out to be debris from a missing malaysian plane it is going to be tricky but not impossible to find the rest. >> about 2.5-3 mi. deep. it is not impossible. >> no debris has been spotted by plane searching the area. a norwegian ship did reach the area but it has not found anything either. it will resume tomorrow
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>> president obama is turning up the heat on russia to back off its takeover of crimea. that announced new sanctions. he is already targeting russian and crimean leaders. the united states will go after key sectors of the russian economy. >> this is not our preferred outcome. the sanctions would not only have a significant impact on the russian economy could be disruptive to the global economy. russia must know that further escalation will only isolate it further from the international community. >> and your administration officials say the new sanctions will target the 17th largest bank. the move bars the bank from doing any business with american companies or individuals and freezes and the united states accounts. told the country's parliament to approve the annexation of crimea
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after voters elected to break away from the ukraine. president obama and western allies say was illegal. >> many unanswered questions in the death of a two year- old girl >> police say they are waiting for autopsy results to determine how to proceed with this that investigation. the circumstances surrounding the to year-old deaf remains a mystery. which is how some neighbors describe the residents of a home where the toddler died. along the usually quiet block of wild with near 179th one of the homes remains surrounded by police tape. the father told them that he found her unresponsive at around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. pronounced dead at the scene. still not clear how she died. illinois state police are assisting police in the investigation which had technicians
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gathering evidence from a home for hours yesterday. residents are stunned by a mysterious death in the neighborhood. some say they did not know there was a toddler and a rental home. they moved in about two-three years ago. i only saw them too. i have never seen a child. >> i do not know where the child came from. the autopsy started this morning. results are not expected until this afternoon. the status and whereabouts of the girl's parents are not clear at this point. >> a man convicted of killing his father now faces life in prison. prosecutors say matty recruited three men from chicago to help him rob and kill his father and the family's home. to others tied his father to a chair while the took cash and an atm card. forced him to write
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his son a check for $100,000. after that he beat his father with a baseball bat and stabbed him in the throat. the accomplices say they did not plan to kill the father but he got angry when he realizes that more money than he was led to believe. >> to gang members will spend the rest of their life in prison. kevin walker and christopher harris were sentenced to over 100 years in prison for their roles in a shooting that killed an officer in 2009. a third man was also convicted in the shooting in 2011. members of the family spoke out. the officers 27 years old when he was killed. his first child was born three months after the death. >> the pension board will meet today to decide if his pension should be revoked. he received $79,000 a year. the sergeant was convicted of killing his third wife. sentenced to 38 years in prison.
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prosecutors argue that one of the motives was that he did not want to share his pension. under state law the pension could be revoked. the money is being used to care for two of his children. the illinois supreme court struck down the eavesdropping law. made of a record of any person in public illegal. but what was one of the strictest in the nation. the scope was simply too broad. the course of the statute criminalizes a wide range of innocent conduct. for example a loud argument on the street. the law made it a felony to record any of them. >> a man is charged with animal cruelty after his dog was found living in his old apartment two months after being evicted. the 37 year-old was evicted from his apartment in miles last
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december. in february the building manager found his dog living in a vacant apartment. there was no food or water but the apartment was littered with feces. a bag of food on the company out of the dog's reach. republican nominee announces in the campaign committee which includes democrats and independents. he became the gop nominee. in the last two days he said 20 community leaders have endorsed him parity also announced a new spanish-language campaign advertisement. he will try to win in november. >> has resigned less than a week after federal agents searched his home and district office. a democrat from belgium who has been in the house and still does on thlisbon and the e
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since 2009. iran on the prost in tuesday's primary. democratic leaders will choose their replacement. a controversial billboard has been removed from the stevenson expressway but not because of protest. objected to this advertisement saying a glorified violence. the company argued that they chose chicago for the pure american advertisement for the record of gun violence. the contract for the billboard expired last week and that is why it was taken down. the city of chicago wants to sell a vacant lots in inglewood for $1. they can use that land for public art community gardens or even build on that. the goal is to turn empty lots into something positive for the south side community. the
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commission will vote on the program today. >> a teenager breached community and the world trade center. he plans to sell his home to cover his legal bills.
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of two construction workers were injured in a partial building collapse. it happened at a high-rise construction site in boston. fire officials say several sections collapsed. one of the workers had a serious head injury. both are expected to recover. >> teenager took trespassing to new heights when the climb to the top of the new world trade center building. the 16 year-old boy slipped past the security including a sweeping guard and got on to the construction site by climbing through an opening in a fence. he got into the tower by climbing scaffolding and that made his way up to the 104th floor. investigators say he was on top of the building taking pictures for about two hours. a guard on the top floor has been fired for failing to spot him. police arrested the
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boy but have not said why he decided to climb the building. the tower is said to open later this year. >> testify at his own trial today that a federal court in new york. accused of conspiring to kill americans for his part in a failed plot by shoe bomber. it happened in 2001 just two months after the terror attacks. gave jurors a extraordinary look at osama bin autumn. hours after the 911 attacks he was summoned to a meeting. when he warned him that america would not stop until he was dead and that the group was destroyed, he says he is being too pessimistic. deliberations were expectedare expected to begin next week. >> he is selling his home to pay his legal bills. his murder trial will not be back in session until
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monday. the prosecution was granted a few days. expected to wrap up the case later next week. may take the stand in his own defense. he says he got his girlfriend was a burglar. a district attorney in georgia has ordered a communications company to hand over into the records in connection with the death of a high- school student. he was found dead in the school last year. investigators received an anonymous e-mail claiming that a schoolmate reportedly confessed to killing johnson. >> found that they westborough baptist church in topeka kansas. the web site said he died instantly at the age of 84. the westborough churches held anti-gay protesters more than 31,000 events. in
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2011 the supreme court upheld the right to picket military funerals >> arrived to begin a week-long visit to china. accompanied by her daughters. expected to focus on education during her trip. plans to visit three cities. also expected to meet with the first lady >> patrick came off of the ice after being injured last night. wounded in the one of today's suburban police officer is on it. >> .rist
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solid economic data
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helping stocks rebound today. the department of health and human services is investigating walgreen's over claims that it might be compromising patient privacy rules. recently launched a health care model called will expand. farmers is outhe device might also be for me came streaming service. amazon has not made any official announcement. an arlington heights police officer shot in the face while responding to a domestic dispute is being honored today as officer of the year.
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>> joining us live with the latest >>, during a real hero. you mentioned that at the top of the story. that is what it is all about. that is the headline. the story centers on the officer. the shot once in the face of responding to a domestic dispute late last year. any police officer will tell you the most dangerous calls to make our domestic disputes. >> was the first officer to respond to a 91 call shot december 12th. after he was shot and said the home three fellow officers were able to get him to write him outside to safety anderson barricaded himself and ex-girlfriend inside of the home. he was later shot and killed when he exited the home and pointed his gun at the other officers.
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he is not yet back on the job he has gone demand and is feeling good. >> he could not be prouder. >> heat very courageously dealt with a call for service this past december. he responded to a man with a gun call. a domestic situation. without any regard for his own personal safety he entered the home more than once to come to the aid of a person being held hostage. ultimately was shot. he is still recovering from those loans. we consider his act very courageous. >> today he is receiving the officer of the year award. also being recognized, those three officers who were able to drag him out of the home to safety kevin
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sullivan. also being recognized for their bravery. an off-duty firefighter who was nearby is being recognized as well. >> and everyday hero being on the road here in arlington heights. file this under a good story. >> coming up the black hawks win but an injury forces patrick came off of the ice. we will tell you for how the ice. we will tell you for how
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next month audiences will be treated to a historical music production. all of
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the most legendary of the most legendary figures. he started motown records. our entertainment reporter spoke to him about the new show. >> it was so incredible for us because on opening night all of the stars came out. they actually cried it was self-fulfilling. >> the black hawks gain ground. the
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hawks honored him for playing in 1000 games. >> good deal for three weeks of an apparent knee injury. >> the bulls looking to extend the losing streak. scored 14 with 10 rebounds. gibson added 19.
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>> the nba record is 26. >> how the 60 degree 26. >> hceishe 60 degree e atel ng t resanhyo,an thym eaicis-8
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we had snow covering the ground and it came down for a time. it is officially spring now. >> new approaches to
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transportation when you get this kind of snow cover. the skateboarder was doing just that. >> all of the birds cluster around for feeder in the backyard. looks like they're having quite a feast yesterday. it was interesting. these clouds snowed on us. this was a true surprise. we're not surprised by little things that come along all that often. we've cleared out since then. we are heading towards a 60 degree day tomorrow. look at the satellite view. >> just a narrow little thing. cloud's rest across the area and produced an inch and a half of snow.
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here's their radar review of this little system. just a little tiny thing out of the plains states. erased southeastward. made for some pretty dramatic finish. here is what it looked like. look at the snowfall melting as the snow comes up. this is the view in downtown chicago. you can see the snow accumulating and then melting as the sun has emerged. the last three months have been the coldest on record in chicago. we've averaged 20.5 degrees. this quantifies what we all know. it is
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official now. spring is here. we're only 92 days until the start of summer in chicago. we will march into summer. we're making progress. look how the temperatures are warm and out into the plains. this warmer areas east of. >> there is still cold air aloft.air left. >> we could warm up again by late next week. we're 2 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. the warming up to the west is evident. the warm air masses marching this way.
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the last of the colder than normal temperatures show an upward over the city. temperatures have moved into the forties at midway. >> our model shows no problems today. lots of sunshine. there will be a little area of rain and sleet showers. it is out of here by the morning. >> it is interesting. the first 50 degree temperatures in many years have occurred by now. >> the lakefront is
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a little bit later. here you can see 60 is already showing up in areas around kansas city. ford is today and near 50 degree temperatures. here the '50s getting up across a good part of the area. that might even be a little bit conservative. >> that keeps the arctic air from coming in. the jet will buckle. >> right on the nose of this you will get a low pressure to develop oftentimes. to call their watches back and saturday and sunday.
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by later next week and once it is back again in a big way. we'll have another warm spell coming in. what you're going to see as this will happen with greater frequency. seasonable late march afternoon temperatures today partly sunny skies highs approaching 50. tonight increasing cloudiness. several rain or sleet showers. low temperature of 30 tonight. tamara is partly sunny.tomorrow is partly sunny. >> we will turn south southwest. cloudy spells may be sprinkle or a small flurry in some spots. >> tonight at 9:00 at a special report coming up. looking back on this unusual winter. join us
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tonight. >> never more so than this year. we are all sick of this cold. >> a little bit of science. what is the form of bonding that enables a double helix to form?
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due to the high number of false positive results. after 10-13 percent of patients received false positive results for potentially cancerous polyps. that is more than twice the number seen in the standard blood test. the committee is still evaluating with the decision on whether or not to approve it expected this summer.
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>> combination of brown sugar cinnamon pecans and brown sugar
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the executive chef at 3 forks. you are just beginning to do brunch. they are
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absolutely delicious. you have one and your life is changed. >>let's tart a little bit. we are going to make the dough recipe. start with the flowerflour. >> we are going to mix that very gently. it will pretty much inco rporate very easy. a little flour on
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the table. make >>a rolling pin. we are trying to make a rectangelle. wait until you see what shape i end up with. stick it in the middle. do not be scared. do not hurt anyone. >>this is the fun part about it. you can pick >>if you work the middle it will come out a little bit easier. just get it all out. show them who is boss. it
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does not have to be perfect. trying to get it about 14 inches. roll it out. >>i think you are pretty close. >>we are about there. >>we are going to sprinkle this. it is molasses. spread out a little bit evenly. kind of like a pizza. we are gently going to roll it. >>perfect. we are
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going to go into our topping part. the honey. the brown sugar, a little bit of salt. >>it says of the day, you can change what you want oto put on there. >>you do pecans and i will do apples. >>we are ready,. >> we are going to cut it into 2 inch circles. go right through the middle. go right here. all the way down. a pro
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over here. >>there we go. these little skinny ones at the end. >>look at that. >>it is all coming together. these are going to rise and get all sticky. it goes in the oven. >> we will cover it and let it proof. >>325 for about 25 minutes. >>all you are going to do, put it in the oven. >>then you are going to celebrate. >>absolute perfect.
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the brunch begins march 22nd. 3 forks serving at 11 am. 180 northfield blvd. we will have this recipe on our website. recipe on our website.
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the answer is hydrogen bonding. look at the warming going on out to the west. >> forties' expected
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on saturday. that would drag down the global cooler air.cooler air. >> turns the wind southerly. >> monday increasing clouds 38 and snow possible on tuesday. >> me might be up flirting with 60 degrees later next
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week. em
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. i had a lady once. swore a rat rolled a wheel of parmesan right out of her fridge while she was sleeping. right here. it's the super. got the exterminator here. anybody home? miss knowles? having some trouble here? oh, my god. oh, get help. it'll be all right. it'll be okay. victim's cecilia knowles. she's 36 years old. she was a mess. her clothes were ripped, eyes glazed over. e.m.s. rolled her to mercy trauma. what'd the neighbors have to say?


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